donderdag 9 oktober 2008

a few nice words..........

Live Life Inspired. Dream With Possibility! Donna Downey

"believe in your creative potential,
enjoy the creative process,
try something new,
explore new possibilities,
but most of all believe."

6 opmerkingen:

Romy zei

Wat een mooie woorden. Prachtig verwoord!

Evi zei

Mooie tekst!!

Scraps~from~a~Boy zei

Mooie woorden zeg!

XOXO Peter

Angèle zei

Dat zijn zeker mooie woorden. Kus, mam.

sam zei

mooie tekst!

Anoniem zei

Hi! I love these last few projects! I love the Hambly overlays-they're great!
Thanks for stopping by, we are moving FROM Philadelphia To Mexico City-far, but it will be agreat expereince. Guess in 2 years where I think we are off to next? Amsterdam- you'll be my neighbor! Looks like there's some awesome scrappers there-should be fun!!!
tootles, d.