dinsdag 27 april 2010

I love handmade

This is the title of my new journal page, I`m still searching for my own style.
I hope to find it along the way, I know it's something that takes practice and time.

This journal page is about finding my own style and the things I love to use in my journal......

Last post I told you about our great weekend and now I have a photo to share!
We had a great time in Oisterwijk on this Quattro-cycle, a whole new experience for us....a really fun one!
So Dutchies go check this website if you want to hire a quattro cycle yourself (you won`t regret).

Okay, that`s it for now! Thanks for stopping by.

Love Viv

maandag 19 april 2010

Challenge time...

It`s a long time ago since I played along at a challenge blog...but today I was really in for it and had so much fun creating this LO for Sketchy Thursdays and Who`s That Girl !
This is this first time I made a LO by a sketch, and guess what..I loved it :)
I took my fav papers, pics and washi tape and just started this LO, and I think it came out as one of my fav LO`s!

We had the best weather over here in Holland last weekend and we really enjoyed our free time, more about this in my next post (then I have some pics to share :)

TFL and your great comments, have a nive week Viv

maandag 12 april 2010

work in progress

It`s monday again, the weekend is over already! It just flew by, but I had the best time!
Some friends came to visit us on saturday and I went scrapshopping at Heesch (love to go there).
I bought myself lovely scrapsupplies; a cool Martha Sterwart punch ( a little expensive but after a really busy week at work I tought that I really deserved to buy it myself :), the new paperline 'Adèle' from Rouge de Garance (so sweet) and some 'Dear Lizzy' papers from American crafts.

Yesterday I had some 'Me-time' and played with the 'Dear Lizzy' papers, it`s not finished yet but I wanted to show you my work in progress;

I just love these papers, the colors and embellies.

My sisters.....

My birthday boy.......

My parents...

....I love you all very much!

When this album is finished I come back with more pics, I`m not really sure what to with the cardboard pages (any ideas?).

A while ago I received this award from Sam, thanks so much sweetie :)
When you receive this award you have to tell 7 things about yourself.

Okay, here we go...

* I`m in love with Ivo for almost 11 years now
* I like to hear the birds singing, it really makes me happy :)
* I work in a pharmacy, formerly at the doctor`s practise.
* Tea is my favorite.
* I`m a vegetarian
* Flow is my favorite magazine.
* I would love to have some more creative time

Angèle, Natalie and Mirjam would like to you tell me more about yourself?

Last week I received this award from Mirjam, thankx to you too sweetie!

10 things that makes me happy;

* A flower tutorial
* these cute birdhouses
* the new october afternoon scrapbookpapers
* washi tape
* My milk toot (you really have to check this out!)
* De sprookjeskamer (bought me some nice ribbon over here)
* This picture
* My scrapattic
* Vacation
* my sweetheart

I give this award to Isolde, Sam and Danielle, I`m curious about your 10 happy things :)

Thankx for stopping by, love Viv