woensdag 31 maart 2010

My seasons tree

Just a quick post to say hello and to show you my seasons tree.
As a Christmas present I bought myself this tree, asked my dad to spray paint it white and I decoraded it with some (selfmade) birdhouses.
I`m so ready for this easter weekend (I think this is the best holiday in the year, I love the new beginnings :)

It`s not the best pic but you get the idea (I hope)!

And go check out this awesome Cosmo Cricket give-away at Natasja`s blog, I would so love to win a brand new paper crafting set (fingers crossed).
Wich one is your favorite? I love both Garden variety and Material girl.

Thanks for stopping by, love Viv

woensdag 24 maart 2010

Washi tape and a journal page

Finally...spring is here!!!
Today is a nice spring day over here in Holland and the weather is really making me happy..and so is washi tape.
I`m so in love with this gorgeous tape, it`s made in Japan and you can write easily over it with a pen and the possibilities are endless with this tape!

One of my favorite scrapbookers Amy used washi tape on her scrapbook LO`s, there is a whole blog on tape and I used it as a background in my journal (see my last post).
Yes, I`m addicted.....sight!

The most of these tapes I ordered online at Tas-ka and look how cute they send it to your home :)

And some of the tapes I ordered at happy tape!

Okay, enough about tape let`s move on to something creative.
My last journal page; all the paper used on this page is from the magazine Happinez!
The journaling is about creativity, I love to share this with my mom!

Thanks for looking, hope to see you next time! Viv

zondag 14 maart 2010

Winner and my first art journal

Marit`s online art journal class came to an end, I had so much fun during this online workshop.
The past 6 weeks I learned a lot, and not only new techniques.
Now I know to be true to myself and just write down on my page what is coming to my mind, don`t worry what others might think of it!
I also learned that gesso isn`t my favorite product and that painting is not my cup of tea.
Stamps, my own handwirting and collaging are my favorite!

I decided to keep on journaling..so I`m on my way to the next online class (I`m additcted to online classes ;-)

lesson 9 (all about color) This is my favorite page of this workshop!

Lesson 10

The journaling is all about my glasses, as a kid I loved to wear the glasses of my mom. I hoped to wear glasses myself sometimes (stupid me ;) now that I have them I really wish I could live without them!

In the background I used washi tape (my new addiction!)

And here it is my first art journal............

And now the winner of my give-away.........Sollie (please e-mail me your addres and I will send you some scrap goodies ;)

Have a nice week, love viv

zondag 7 maart 2010


wow, blogpost 100 already!!! When I started this little place on the world wide web back in 2008 I thought.. okay let`s see where this journey brings me!
And now, one and a half year later I know how much joy it brought me. I got to meet so many new scrap friends here on the internet and in real life. I want to thank you for all the lovely and sweet comments you leave me after each blogpost!
( now I sound like I`m leaving my blog but I`m just looking back ;)

This page I made for Martit`s online art journal class, it was all about texture and gesso!
The journaling;
We can feel and hear the wind- but we know nothing about him- not where he comes from- and not where he goes to-and when he stops and lies down- we don`t know where he rests!

I only have to make 2 more page`s and then the workshop comes to an end for me.
May this year Marit starts this workshop again. If you want some more information about the workshops you can find it over here!

Last friday our good friends got married, and I made them some fortune cookies with little wishes inside... you can find the tutorial over here.

And last but not least to celebrate my 100th post; a give away :)
All you have to do is leave me a comment (everyone can join in)! I will announce the winner in my next blogpost!

Thanks for stopping by, Viv

maandag 1 maart 2010

post #99

Almost post #100..... time for a give-away in my next blogpost!!

Yesterday I planned a creative day for myself, we had stormy weather so it was a perfect day to stay inside and create!
I made 2,5 pages for Marit`s class, the gesso on the third page is still drying :)

Lesson 7 was all about collage. When I saw the page of Anne g-i I immedialtely tought about something I made in my childhood (because of all the flowers in her work).
So I looked it up to show you, I made collages years ago ;)

Ofcourse my mom gave me a helping hand!!!Here`s my collage page;

Lesson 8 was all about doodling, and that is really not my kind of thing, so I had to go far out of my comfort zone to create this page (but that`s a good thing, I learned from it).

Sometimes I wish I could go back to my childhood, I never doubted about my creations :)

TFL, Viv