dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

One year ago

It all started one year ago with 1 euro!

Let me tell you the story: My mom and I went shopping at the local supermarket, my mom needed something at the service counter when here eye caught a magazine:
( Creatief met foto`s, a dutch scrapbookmagazine)!
It was reduced to one euro, and she said to me; `I think you like this`!
So she bought it for me and when we came home I started reading it, OMG I loved it!
I was immediately addicted, that`s how it all started!
I`m so glad my mom gave this magazine to me, it really changed our lives!

That`s it for now, love Viv!

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Angèle zei

Ja Viv... zo gaat dat! En we hebben dit jubileum al gevierd. Vandaag met een uitstapje naar Heesch. Onze eerst ontdekte scrapbookwinkel. Jij weer uitbundig en je moeder heel bescheiden. Ondanks de hitte vandaag was het toch weer gezellig, x mam.