zondag 24 augustus 2008

De Efteling

Yesterday we went to the Efteling ( a dutch amusement park)!

We had a great day, the weather was fine (no rain at all) and the park was open until 24.00!
Later on it was getting dark and we went in the wild water ride and some roller coasters, that`s even more exiting than during the day when it`s light outside!
It was so fairy taily in the evening when the lights turn on.

The flying dutchman (vliegende hollander) was so cool, a new attraction, during the day there where some malfunctions and at one point they even closed the whole roller coaster.
But in the evening we could get in there and Yeh it was so much fun!!

So here are some pics of this great day:

Keep up the good life!! Viv

3 opmerkingen:

Natasja zei

How fun that you were there as well! I also made some pictures on those step stones! We didn't go into any of the roller coasters, Noa is way to small and they aren't exactly my hobby either ;)

Angèle zei

Hey meissie, ik probeer het nog eens. Leuk je foto's van de Efteling. Fijn dat jullie een fantastische dag hebben gehad met z'n viertjes! Tot woensdag, x mam.

Anoniem zei

Hi, just found your blog via scrapmojo. I also love scrapbooking. The Netherlands always seems to have great crafters.
Your layouts are awesome! I'll be checking in again...stop by mine and say hi if you have a minute...
peace, Danielle