vrijdag 23 januari 2009

I`m still alive ;)

Nothing creative, sorry! That`s because my scraproom is under construction! There is a lot of dust around my scrapstuff at this moment! But it`s almost finished, Yay!!!!!!!!

At this point I can only show you some pics :0)
These are made in Germany (Willingen), we went for a couple days in the snow!

Group pic!

HiHi, We can`t ski!! Just for the picture!

We hade a lot of fun these day`s, and a lot of pics to scrap,Yay!!!!
But first I have to clean my scraproom..................

Thanks for hopping by, Viv

2 opmerkingen:

Angèle zei

Ik ben heel benieuwd naar jullie zolder en dan vooral naar het licht. Ik hoop dat we hier snel eens samen echt lekker kunnen gaan scrappen!
Moeten we echt afspreken. Liefs, mam

Anoniem zei

Oh, that looks so beautiful! Germany looks beautiful! How long did it take from Amsterdam to there? I'd love to visit you one day, or move there if my Husband has his way. There seems to be so many talented scrapbookers and artists. I hope you will play along with us at Category Stories-it's fun!